This is Our Family: The Borgs

Four individual films about four families filmed over three years that fast-track the evolution and lives of the families as they deal with the universal themes of births, deaths and marriages, in a ‘Boyhood’ meets ‘Modern Family’ television first.

Acid Attack: My Story

In 2012 Naomi Oni was attacked with acid on her way home from work. Told through interrotron interviews with her friends and family, this film tells the story of what happened that night, immediately afterwards through to the eventual trial.

Born Too White

A new BBC Two documentary is to uncover the discrimination and persecution of people with albinism in Tanzania and Malawi in East Africa.

More about Clare…

I have had more than 10 years experience making documentaries and series that deal with subject matter that is often sensitive, multi layered and extraordinary and I have often found myself in delicate situations where a calm, considered and warm approach is crucial.

I’ve filmed with the state prosecution in Bosnia as they uncover a mass grave, with a young Muslim girl looking for a life partner arranged by her Mum and with a woman as she reports her experience of domestic violence to the police.

As a competent observational self-shooter, I am committed to setting a unique visual style for my projects through using prime lenses, and therefore creating a distinct story telling voice

My first film – Disabled and Looking for Love won the Grierson Bloomberg Newcomer Award and since then my work has been short-listed for the Grierson Best Documentary Series, RTS Education and has been BAFTA Nominated.

Born Too White