A World Without Down’s Syndrome?

A World Without Down’s Syndrome?

1 x 60 mins

State of the nation doc fronted by actor Sally Phillips, a Mum to a child with Down’s syndrome. Sally explores what impact a new screening test could have on our society and its potential to eradicate the next generation of children with Down’s syndrome. In a world where pre-natal genetic screening is predicted to become routine, what future do people with disabilities have in our society?


Comm Ed: Maxine Watson

Exec Producer: Emma Loach

Editor: Tom Herrington

Producer: Carl Callam

Shot on Canon C300


‘defiant and life enhancing’
Times Saturday Review

‘laced with wry humour her film is that rare thing, a passionate polemic that is also a pleasure to watch, charming as it chastises’
The Sunday Times

‘Heartfelt, positive television with purpose’
The Observer

‘This carefully researched, passionately arugued counter blast.’

‘brilliant television’
Daily Mail 5 stars

‘absorbing film’
4 stars telegraph