Soka Afrika

Soka Afrika

Feature length documentary 
Raindance 2011
Al Jazeera 
I was one on the main cameras for this is a feature length documentary film celebrating African football in the run up to World Cup 2010. Following the different paths of aspiring young African players from South Africa, Ivory Coast, Egypt and Cameroon, Soka Afrika explores the power of football to influence Africa for better or worse. I shot in South Africa, Holland and with the South African team at the U21 World Cup in Egypt, including all the matches.

Shot on Canon A1.


Director: Suridh Hassan

Art Director: Ryo Sandra

Editor: Tim Grabham

Producer: Simon Laub

Executive Producer: Sam Potter

Production Companies: Masnomis and The SRK

Awards and nominations

Shortlisted for Best Documentary
One World Media Awards 2012

Winner – Best Picture Award:
Palermo International Sports Film Festival 2011

Winner of the Golden Whistle award: 
Kicking and Screening Film Festival, New York 2011

Raindance 2011
Al Jazeera – Witness