This is Our Family:
The Borgs

I was asked to make one of four individual films about four families filmed over three years that fast-track the evolution and lives of the families as they deal with the universal themes of births, deaths and marriages, in a ‘Boyhood’ meets ‘Modern Family’ television first.

Sky Atlantic

1 x 60mins

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Producer: Alana Moreno
Editor: Nadeem Khan
Commissioner: Marvyn Benoit
Exec Producers: Hellen Littleboy and Ben Gale

Shot on FS7, Canon prime lenses


“It is clear that a film this painful, honest and sensitive could not have been made without the time it took to establish an extraordinary level of trust between the film-maker and her subjects.”

Tim Dowling, The Guardian

“Richards carefully shepherded us towards the big day, her camera moving unobtrusively among friends and family as she pieced together the emotional undercurrents and life histories, which had brought the protagonists to this point.”

Adam Sweeting, Inews